Blank Saturday 2

20 06 2009

Fun Activity : Getting Annoyed in London

What better way to spend a pleasant afternoon than strolling casually through London? People walking into you; fantastic! Listening to people’s indiscreet private conversations; GIMME MORE! Seeing yet another style icon glide past with that practiced disdain? Yes yes yes!!!!!!!!

It started so well this morning; Someone actually said hello, someone else called me dude then another person called me dude. It become strange in the afternoon; firstly some south African weirdo looked at me funny, bloody hell the rugby playing wing of Apartheid had won, what’s with the negative waves baby? Then a maniac sporting a panama nearly ran me over with his bicycle, he may have been the man from Del Monte.

The creme de la creme; 2 hip young gunslingers sashaying through Camden. The twattish pair stylishly blocked my leisurly progress through Camden because they appeared to think that they were in the middle of an audition for T4; basically two minutes of ear splitting, zany “look at me, I’ll say anything ’cause I’m cool and you are scum” in ironic denim capri pant and side-parting chic. Their clothes could have done with some ironing.

Rating: For making a tired old cynic feel superior 5/5

Tip Top: If you don’t want to hear the words “THAT’S SOOOOOOO RANDOM” spoken at 120 decibels in a hip Carnaby Street Boutique, don’t go daddio.




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