It’s that time again – Blank Saturday 1

13 06 2009

Now that the football has finally finished for like literally weeks, it’s time for the hardened football fanatic/sociopath to find something else to do with Saturday afternoons. We will now log the attempts to fill this void. Remember, we will rate each activity for you, so you don’t need to!!

Fun Activity : Shopping for Fabric

What a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon; surrounded by crushed velvet, simulated leopard skin and ersatz  Burberry check.  Whilst perusing the aisles I became so enchanted by the fabrics that ideas pulsed through my brain. Then it struck me; I could make my own clothes!!! I could finally have those clothes I’ve always wanted, clothes beyond the imagination of today’s design fascists. On a more prosaic level, in today’s climate you’d be crazy not to do this, especially at the prices they were charging.

I bought 10 metres of some blue fabric for £3, all I need now is a sewing machine.

Rating: Creative, economical and  boundless: 4/5

Top Tip:Don’t be fobbed off, if you want Paisley demand Paisley. If you want Burburry PVC don’t accept Tartan. If you want chain mail, find a blacksmith. 




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