Ole’ red eyes are back!

25 05 2009

Sifting through the inevitable fallout from “Survival Sunday™” one comes upon recurring images; Disbelieving stares,  a redness around the eyes, comforting hugs or slaps on the back, then the pinnacle, the dab at watery eyes.

Such reactions are inevitable when your team, the thing at the very centre of your being, the thing that colours your blood, the thing for which you bare your chest, the thing that you paint your face for, is sucked into the nth dimension. When such a thing happens, instantly over a couple of months, how could you possibly react differently?

To judge from Match of the Day last night this was the only type of reaction worth reporting. You saw none of the resignation, none of the anger, hardly any of the defiant support, certainly none of the hope (for a better, and easier?, season next season). 

Why does the BBC sports department swallow, and then regurgitate, this bullshit? Sky  Sports News, yes of course; They are still scavenging through the wreckage of lives torn asunder today – “…..But what will this mean for the People of the North East at such a time as this, Chris?” Good old Aunty should be better but they also employ Alan Green and Timothy Lovejoy so maybe it’s not a surprise.

I’m off for a cry then a phone call to Spoony.




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