Jesus, this must be at an end now

18 04 2009
Bangor City 1 Prestatyn Town 1
Welsh Premier League

Sun, sun sun, why do you curse me so? You take away precious enthusiasm; instead of watching the match my attention rested on hitting a crash barrier with small stones. Sitting down on terracing, the very idea!! Sun, you’re a bloody pain in the arse. This was the last home game of the season and I should have been contemplating the never-ending passage of time, the linear relationship between historical events and other such bollocks but instead all I felt like doing sleeping, you heartless bastard!!

Some stuff I actually managed to see and remember (in roughly the correct chronological order) Joel from the Jet Set made it to Farrar Road, Walsh scored our goal with a header, the iceberg in goal made a fantastic save, some Prestatyn player scored the equaliser, half our team hobbled off due to Prestatyn being a bunch of dirty buggers, their number 11 looked like Limahl. (It’ s frankly unseemly that someone with such a haircut dares to argue with the humble providers of friendly advice from the terraces.) Finally Prestatyn celebrated something, were they staying up or something?

I left Farrar Road in search of a new polo shirt. I found one, you’ll doubtless be relieved to hear.








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