Fun, fun, fun in the sun, sun, sun

11 04 2009
Bridgend Town 1 Bangor City 2
Welsh Cup Semi-Final

After the winding, winding, winding way forward I was “Dishevelled in Aberystwyth”. After a few minutes in the healing sunshine I was only mildly queasy. It’s amazing, the addition of something as simple as a pane of glass changes so much. The sun streams through one and it becomes a sadistic entity but glass-free it becomes a heavenly body. Ain’t science a wonderful thing?

“The Giant in Blue is after You” cried Les. “The Giant in Blue is after you!! Big Les, Big Les!!” retorted the rest of us. The song (penned by Bangor’s answer to Lennon & McCartney; Pete and Pruney) was being memorised. Others were not as sure of the lyrics so we were besieged by anxious learners. Thanks to osmosis the whole pub was in song after 30 minutes, and perfectly in tune to boot.

The ground was taken by army manoeuvre, we feared confinement due by standing in the wrong place at the wrong time. The Police weren’t our favourites at present, it’s their habit of taking liberties with our civil liberties. We were interned and filmed last week. One day you may see me on Police, Camera, Bored Football Crowds or 101 Great Hats at Football Matches (on Sky of course).


Eventually there wasn’t a problem as we were allowed to move freely around the football ground. Get that!!! In a democracy too. The match was a bit anti-climactic. It wasn’t the goalfest I’d envisaged. Bridgend actually scored first and their 7, count ’em!!, fans “went wild”. Fortunately Sarge’s long-ranger drew Bangor level a few minutes later.

For the rest of the half Bangor were quite comfortable. “The Giant in Blue………” rang out proudly as we sought to lift the blues. After a few goes the words were dropped in favour of  the “……….nur nur nur nur, Les-lie Davies, Bangor’s Number nine!!” bit. It’s always annoying when people don’t sing the songs as they should. Bangor were still comfortable until half time. 1-1.


The second half was watched in the sun, Somehow we weren’t as dangerous anymore. We weren’t allowed behind the goal mind, so not totally rehabilitated just yet. The second half was mainly about feeling comfortable in a distinctly uncomfortable way. We didn’t look like we would be in any danger but every time Bridgend took the ball over the halfway line you didn’t know if it would lead to one of those moments of dread. Bangor weren’t getting much on target so we definitely couldn’t relax. As the half stretched out in front of us the supportive chants and comments were replaced gradually by more nervous comments; “We could lose this” said Mash. “This could be bad” said Pete. “What if we go out?!?!” thought I, not that I’m easily led or anything.

Then Killer scored and all was serene again; the sun was sunnier, the air was cleaner, the warm coke was warmer. As the team relaxed they could have scored a couple more. About 15 minutes after the second goal the final whistle blew and we were all happy. Loverly Jubberly, Bosch!! Just to ice our satisfying cake there were no 70s throwback racism in the clubhouse and we ate our leftovers unmolested. Another Welsh Cup Final and another day out, shoes off!!




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