A mixed bag really

21 03 2009
Bangor City 0 XXX XXX XXXXXX X
Welsh Premier League

A match happened on this afternoon.

North Wales Coast FA U18s 2 Central Wales FA U18s 1
Some Cup or Other

As a result of my international reputation as the Picasso of the  photographic medium I was asked to go and take picture of the Bangor players playing in this match. I actually managed to get a few clear ones (and a few artistically abstract ones too) when the cold allowed my fingers to bend. Good goals by the way.


Bangor City 1 Airbus UK 0
Welsh Premier League

This game was settled by a beautifully struck free kick. Sarge expertly bent the ball into the angle of post and crossbar, it would not have been possible to have placed the ball any better. Brazilians could not have scored a more precise free kick. Hagi could not have curled a better shot, John Barnes could not have caressed the ball into the goal any more sweetly, Le Tissier could not have… You get the idea.

The rest of the match wasn’t up to very much. The second half was so forgetable that…..

Now where was I?





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