Conwy Soccer Sixes – The First Fortnight!!

2 03 2009

And so it begins again……..

The Conwy six-a-side league has recommenced after a short hiatus. This time it’s 3 times bigger so we signed a few players; Neil and Damien.

Week 1  Llandudno Jet Set 3 The Bombers 0

We took advantage of their non-appearence to take all three points in this closely fought encounter. First game first clean sheet

Week 2  Llandudno Jet Set 6 Junction United 1

We took a while to get going but when we did they couldn’t stop us. Dan scored 4, Greg and James one each. We hit a post three times as well.

We got a taste of this new league today; more teams, more scallies. He first announced his presence by calling Chris a Dickhead, Chris had the temerity to tackle him cleanly. The scally then produced enough evidence for 4 ASBOs. A person encroched on to the pitch whilst waiting for his game; “Get off the Pitch you fucking dickhead”, He didn’t immeadiately. “Get off the pitch you fucking dick, yeah!!” He got off the pitch. Dan flew past the knucledragger, the scally brings him crashing to the ground, not a dickhead. We scored, every goal was suffixed by “Dickheads”. I saved a shot; “Good save you Fucking Prick.”

Jesus this is on ’til October.  Our remaining fixtures are on the right.



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