Incredulous mutterings

28 02 2009
Airbus UK Broughton 0 Bangor City 5
Welsh Cup Quarter Final

Or……… I’m not saying the Police like to enjoy the power they have but…….

The North Wales Police are a group of people not prone to rash decisions. They are a group that use their Liberal philosophy as a guide. Therefore it comes as a surprise when they put their foot down.  Looking at this story you’re prone to think, “Oh aye, them Bangor fans again!! This must be the reason!!” You’d be right to think that too.

Look at the evidence; 2004-2005: Bangor fans drink clubhouse dry, fans fraternise and this leads to conversations going off all over the shop. 2005-2006: Bangor fans leave early due to an outbreak of depression. 2006-2007:No Bangor players showed up in the clubhouse after defeat. Bangor’s fans are presented with the players’ post-match food. Steve Bleasdale responsible for debacle. 2007-2008: Bangor lose again, two paper plates are knocked off a ledge. This causes loose cheese to be scattered over carpet. 2008-2009: Bangor win, part of a pint of cider is spilled in the clubhouse. What possible reason had we to query the decision?

We accepted it without grumbling. Consequently we were in the Red Lion in Northop two hours before kick off. It was,as usual on away trips, a very nice interlude. We arrived at the Airfield and were corralled off to our bit. I took an Ethiopian Coca-Cola for refreshment and a crappy view for lack of enjoyment. I managed to catch the chances that should have been converted by a Sharpy-less attack. Long ago the great philosopher Jean-Claude Van Damme once remarked to me; “‘ ’tis better to create and miss than to act as a brick wall” and this fragment of history sustained me. During the first half we also witnessed the tannoy announcement every fan wants to hear and then act upon; “Is there a qualified referee in the crowd?” Unfortunately Jimmy Hill was nowhere near so we had to settle for Airbus’s first manager in the League of Wales, nothing wrong with that obviously.

The second half was just in the first throes of life when Sarge threw himself at the ball in front of goal. The ball hit the back of the net and it was followed by most of the Bangor team. Les added a second a few minutes later. Football Genius made it look easy at the back post; 3-0. Sion scored a fourth then Les scored a long range 5th. It was getting too easy. When games are like this you want the goals to keep coming but they dried up eventually, however it wasn’t frustrating; we were in the semi-final again!!! We left by the side hole in the fence. The players joined us in a nearby pub, we were as one again!!

My new hat is now a lucky hat.











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