Furthering Knowledge

27 02 2009

In order to add to humankind’s understanding of their fellow earthlings I decided to conduct a sociological experiment tonight.

The Hypothesis People are drawn to the same ideas, in the manner of a herd of moths to light.

The Method – The researcher will wear a vintage French football shirt whilst watching France v Wales in a Llandudno Pub.

The Observations  – 7:30pm-9:55pm – Several People screech at the screen. One acquaintance asked the researcher;  “Why are you wearing that?” A scally heard shouting “Fucking French Bastards” at the screen. The same scally asked the researcher; “Why the Fuck are you wearing that crap?”

9.55pm – The researcher spots several unexpected people wearing Welsh Shirts unexpectedly.

10pm – The researcher showed the shirt to an acquaintance, a rugby tackle followed.

The Analysis  – No-one has a sense of humour any more. Everyone’s a rugby fan when Wales are doing well. People seem to be drawn to the same ideas, like moths to light. Very bad, if the fascists get in power. Need revolution quickly.




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