A new place to hang my hat?

12 02 2009

Due to unforeseen circumstances we had to watch the last night’s Welsh international in Abergele. We took this as an opportunity to  find to enhance our future viewing options.

At first this looked difficult; one pub advertised the upcoming England match but it was shut. The next one didn’t have satellite television but the landlady assured me that the match was definitely on TV. Unfortunately she had replaced “Wales” with “England” and “It’s on in a minute!!” with “Are you showing the match later tonight?” I left muttering to myself.

I found a pub that was showing the match a few hundred yards from the first two, they even switched the channel for me!! I had several thoughts during the match;

1. Why don’t Wales play more matches in Athletics arenas before 400 people?

2. Wales are still attempting playing with fluent passing football.

3. Craig Bellamy still likes moaning.

4. “I recognise those 3 people!!”

5. Why can’t I find a nice pub to watch Wales?

Last time I was surrounded by annoying young people, this time it was irritating middle-agers. One Bloke was convinced that our beloved national broadcaster was entitled SC4 and was determined to let everyone know. Then someone couldn’t resist playing the Juke Box. Then the moaners came in;  “Fuckin’ 8 Fuckin’ Hours I’ve done today…. I’m trying to Fuckin’ work and he’s tryin’ to get in touch with me…. Then I’m Fuckin’ trying to get in touch wiv’ him and I couldn’t ,Fuckin’ hell!!” You couldn’t hear a Welsh syllable anywhere. I was surrounded, like Rorke’s Drift. “Moaners!!! Thousands of ’em!!”

Now I don’t want to hear the patronising “The Welsh, a proud people” bollocks ejaculated by commentators anymore than you do but I do like to have enough peace and quiet to think about where’s it’s going to go wrong next for the Welsh national team. I left at half time and found a pub showing a Simpsons repeat.

A pub to watch Wales in; THE QUEST CONTINUES……………….




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