Cold but Happy

10 02 2009
Bangor City 1 Porthmadog 0
Welsh Premier League

Thanks to Arriva I arrived just before kick off. There was no shop stock today as I had it with me, so potential income was lost. Bloody Arriva, they’re always late when you really need them to be on time. How hard is it to get a train from A to B? There’s no traffic jams, no road accidents, no snow to blame. A few years ago I read somewhere that trains in the Victorian era took roughly the same time to travel between two places as today’s services. This is despite our Trains having the benefit of a century and a half of development. According to that article the railways companies are so cynical that they actually build delays into the timetable so that you don’t get to your destination late, even though we should get there quicker. Anyway, at least I had the match to look forward to. 

The first thing of note was Port’s  keeper picking up a backpass and then earning a yellow card for kicking the ball away. Port then thought Jiws had given them the lead but it was disallowed, much to the amusement of the locals.  Sarge looked good on the wing and helped Bangor to dictate the second half of the first half. The next major incident happened when Sharpy’s header hit the post.

I missed the start of the second half but I didn’t miss the goal; Sharpy rose highest to head the ball home, the relief was palpable as it had started to look as though we’d never score. The fact it was also quite cold was another reason why it wasn’t very comfortable. Port kept kept the situation uncomfortable by continually attacking; Jiws was nearly free on several occasions. We could have scored again but didn’t . In the end another Win for us.

Note to Match Goers: If the ball doth fly in your direction leave it for someone else to  deal with lest your jacket will be splattered with pitch marking paint. Not Good for that Jet Set Look.





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