All Hail Sharpy

6 02 2009
Bangor City 6 Gap Connah’s Quay 0
Welsh Premier League

The pavements were crunchy tonight for this crunch game, (They just cry out to be typed!!). Some Belgians came in the shop tonight and I sold them my scarf. I only became cognisant of the stupidity of this when the match started.

It may have been cold but the football was red-hot!!! (Another Classic!!!) City were 4-0 up at half-time. I missed the 3rd goal because of shop duties but I managed to see Sharpy’s delightful first; a flicked shot over the keeper from about 9 inches in front of the keeper’s head. Les and Sharpy were drawing 2-2 by half-time. We had something magical today; a white pitch in places. The pitch could have played havoc with footings by Sharpy was full of tricks and flicks, one world-weary cynic remarked that he’d be gone by August.

The second half showcased our new signings but before they could have an effect (and before I could leave the shop) Football Genius scored his goal. McManus looked sharp on his debut and scored too. He was as nippy as the air (Yet another humdinger!!) and full of effort, a good sign.

Another game, another thrashing for Connah’s Quay. The Belgians would surely be happy with this result.





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