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13 01 2009

Last night music entered my head whilst playing football. It was the Arctic Monkeys and this particular part was on constant loop.

“…Already thick and you’re getting thicker

Asuming that all things are equal,
Who’d want to be men of the people
When there’s people like you?”

I’ll bet you’re thinking “No wonder they lost, one of their star players was thinking about a song instead of concentrating on the business in hand.” You’ll have to make allowances, they’ve struck again and they’re enough to throw anyone’s mind into turmoil; Scallies, scallies, scallies everywhere.

Our brush with Scallidom last night involved their knuckle-dragger of a “Goal Keeper” (wearing stripes for practice?) and a cocky half-scally attired in a wife-beater vest. It all started when the Bruce Willis-wannabe decided to pressure our keeper by sliding into him whilst still upright (all-weather pitches can be so treacherous). Our keeper stood his ground and put his arms up to protect himself.

The knuckle-dragger decided to inquire “What the fuck are you doing, you fat bastard?” He then added the clarifying point “Look at him sliding into Chris!!!”

During the half-time crossover our keeper asked him politely to keep his opinions to himself. To add insult to his lack of intelligence the Knuckle-dragger just laughed with contempt, in that way only a scally can.  During the second half Bruce Willis began offered threats. Bloody hell, you know you’re old when someone wearing red football boots is threatening you. The dye was now well and truly cast.

Why do we have to tolerate these people looking down on the rest of us? They’re allowed to talk too loudly, shout things at people and act aggressively but when anyone dares to point out the error of their ways, they come back with aggression or condescension.

It’s been puzzling me all day. What exact reason do scallies have to look down on anyone?  Have they written an oscar-winning screenplay or won a Nobel prize? Are about to complete a Phd or are they number one in the charts? Could they be a world champion? No on every count. In short  they don’t produce or create anything worthwhile, all they do is criticise anything that’s different to them. (Other people, Goths, long Hair, intelligence, other people, clothes, other people, Polish people, other people, music, other people)

A scally’s thought  pattern “….That’s different….5 mins thinking time (10 seconds real time for the rest of us)……I Don’t Like that…..5 mins thinking time (10 seconds real time for the rest of us)…..It’s a threat….A millisecond……Kill, kill, kill, kill”

While they may not have much to offer humankind they can say “Sound, like” and that seems to be all they need for a fulfilling life. I may not have provided an actual likeness of the knuckle-dragger but you’ll be able picture him; he’ll be the bloke in the middle of a braying mob after some scapegoat, you know the kind that’s always in the papers or on the news.

Why do these people spoil everything you like?




One response

14 01 2009

To the comment poster(s)

It’s very funny how every comment criticising us in a certain way originates from the same I.P. addresses isn’t it?

You could have chosen to write something like, “You’re wrong, that’s just your opinion” and this statement would be quite true.

I mean who are we? We’re just a few people in 6 billion on this planet. Our opinions doen’t matter more than anyone elses’. Instead;

– first it’s an insult; “hi i have a big head but yours is bigger you interbreadin fucker!!!!”
– then there’s a threat; “you are a fuckin joke mate get a fuckin life you bangor fuckin inbred ur dead at rhyl.”

By seeking to prove us wrong you have actually reinforced the point we were making. You so accurately portray the mindset people may actually believe that we wrote the comments.

It’s a good job that 99% of regular Rhyl fans (and 99% of people from Rhyl for that matter) are ordinary, decent and hard-working people otherwise the easily led may believe that people like you actually represent Rhyl.

In case you’re wondering, we’ve saved the threatening message, along with the I.P. address.

By the way, we have disabled the comments function.

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