Festive Festival of Football

3 01 2009
Friday 26/12/08
Caernarfon Town 0 Bangor City 2
Welsh Premier League

This year we had 3 games to take our minds off the Chrimbo Credit Crunch, turkey sandwiches and adverts for three piece suites at rock bottom prices.

It all went well on the feast of St. Stephen in Caernarfon, where the polyester is deep and crisp and rustling. Every blue was in the Christmas spirit, some were even in their Christmas jumpers. A handshake and a hearty Nadolig Llawen were the order of the day.

We were playing quite well against the Scouse Covies at first, they managed to repel several corners before Sion hobbled off. The Covies missed a penalty thanks  to a wonderful Smithy save. Brewie headed Bangor into the lead. Happy Christmas!!! The referee presented a present to Caernarfon; a  “backpass” was spotted by the shortarse. He then booked Smithy for having the temerity to save the resulting shot. A Covi with”issues” joined us and embellished our afternoon with shouts of “Yes!!!” at irregular yet threatening intervals.


The second half was a bit lumpy as chances were few and far between. Caernarfon hit the bar and looked quite dangerous on the break but didn’t manage to score. Les was tripped in the area at one point but, on account of his status as a gentleman, remained on his feet. The balding Covi keeper played very well in the second half; he tipped over several shots acrobatically but was booked to equalise Smithy’s yellow. Sharpy scored our second to finally settle our nerves in the 85thminute. The balding keeper marked the final whistle by retorting (to the plaudits of young blues fans)  with the erudite phrase; “Sheepshagger”. What a guy.

Like I said earlier Brian, we should have been to more matches this Christmas holiday but the coldness intervened. 

Saturday 3/1/09 – Bangor City P Porthmadog P – WPL
Thursday 1/1/09 – Bangor City P Caernarfon Town P – WPL

Luckily we’ve had practice at dealing with postponments during the last month. I’ve only seen the blues twice in six weeks so  I’ve forgotten what the players look like and what they’re called. I wrote the match report when I had moment of clarity, A.K.A. plagarising the Guardian, in case you’re wondering. OMG !!! How Random is that?!!!!




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