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1 01 2009

Liverpool’s captain, Stevie G™, has or has not assaulted a member of the public and this “news”  is worthy of front-page coverage, in certain sections of the media, for a third day in a row. Sadly this situation is now unsurprising thanks to the hype-creating Murdoch media. Football is Massive and it’s all you care about Geezer. 

What is particularly depressing about this occasion is that the story has pushed Israel’s attacks on Palestinian targets off the front page. A footballers’ private life is again the most important thing in the world and it’s more important than the lives of thousands of people thousands of miles away.

It’s more important than the Israeli army’s aggression against “terrorists”, more important than this action leading to the unavoidable “collateral damage” of innocent victims, more important than the images of blood stained children in Palestinian hospitals, more important than the American support for the Israeli action, more important than right-wing Israeli political Leaders glorying in the results of their army’s action, more important than a ship filled with medical supplies destined for the Gaza Strip being rammed by the Israeli navy, etc etc etc

The “news” has obviously become the talk of the message boards. These august institutions, fuelled not by hate, bile and bitterness but altruism and good spirit, are only too willing to offer advice about what Stevie might do next.

It’s heartening to think that at this moment, while thousands of people in one country are concentrating on remaining safe from being hit by missiles, bullets and bombs, thousands of people in another country are concentrating on composing hilarious additions to their anti-Gerrard songbook, it is indeed a small world.

Happy New Year.




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6 01 2009
Russell Brand

i know this is juvenile but i stumbled across these Stevie G bits and they did raise a titter……. espically the interview bit.

“But I think we can safely assume that the fight was going badly for his side, that they were scattered, demoralized, and afraid…when suddenly, from out of nowhere, Gerrard reared up to break an aquarium over the head of their toughest opponent, dramatically turning the tide and inspiring his men to break other things on the heads of other people.
And I think we can safely assume that when he was questioned about his role in the brawl by the police, Gerrard sniffed once, hunched over the microphone, and quietly gave full credit to his teammates.”

“Somewhere, Andy Gray is shaking his head at this whole thing, defiantly describing Gerrard as a lion of a man.”

“I was out in Liverpool Town Centre last night and I saw Michael Shields with a free Steven Gerrard Tshirt”

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