Bearing a pall

15 11 2008
Bangor City 0 Welshpool 2
Welsh Premier League

Tuesday’s events hung like a shroud. When you give up your time to help the club, to raise money, it’s a good feeling, you’ve done something to help. Then some lumpen-proletariat twats decide that they want to cause trouble and we’ll be landed with another fine, more money will be needed, more money will be raised by people that had nothing to do with any trouble. Enthusiasm was scarce today.

As it was kids-in-for-free day there were lots of kids about. Unfortunately the football offered today wasn’t the best type to encourage a return visit; Bangor conceded 2 goals from free kicks and the League’s erstwhile bottom team won. 

During the second half some hard-core trouble makers threw apples on to the pitch, North Wales Police are a-peel-ing for details. After Tuesday some people want to see the trouble makers in-cider a cell.

I didn’t see much of this match so these are the only details I can report.




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