On the wings of a dream

7 11 2008
Airbus UK Broughton 2 Bangor City 3
Welsh Premier League

When you think of legends you picture heroes, heroines, quests, daring do and all that jazz. Some have a moral, some have a message, some are just epic. Well my friends the jet set is about to share a legend with you. It is a legend not of magic and mystery but of ordinary men in yellow shirts, it is about 11 men against the world and the weather.

Bangor City were entering hostile terrain; they’d never won at the Airfield. It is the world’s coldest ground and they’d never won, the odds definitely weren’t in their favour. This time however felt different, it wasn’t particularly cold and the flags hung limply tonight so there was no wind either. The time was right for men to become legends.

Bangor made good use of the ball to begin with but then Brewie was sent off for some reason, the reason was probably nasty language. Then something really weird happened; we scored. We scored, we were ahead, it wasn’t windy, it wasn’t cold, you couldn’t make it up but this is very much the stuff that legends are made of.

Not only had we scored but what a goal it was, Sharpy leapt to meet the ball and he connected. I’d never seen a goal scored via a bicycle kick before this, it was such a stunning goal that I was stunned into open-mouthed amazement for a few seconds. Legend takes shape!! 

We could have scored another one but we didn’t. We were dreaming of a wonderful and beautiful victory then normal service reared its ugly head. Before we knew what was happening we were losing 2-1. This situation was very amusing for the high-pitched Broughton teenagers spread liberally amongst us. Then salvation!! A penalty. Sharpy scored it. 2-2 Half Time.

As the keeper was wearing noticable tights he should have been perpared for a little risqué commentary but he wasn’t. He insinuated that we had sexual relations with farmyard animals, how refreshingly different. Needless to say, we had the last laugh. He came, he saw, he dropped the ball on to the foot of Hoy. The Football Genius didn’t miss. The keeper started to become distant after this; another keeper crumbles!!!!

Men had become legends; 10 v 11, 2-1 down then 3-2 up, Foot of Hoy gives us Joy!!!

So that’s the legend of Bangor’s first win in Airbus and I was there. Where were you?





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