Conwy 6-a-side League Week 5

3 11 2008

Llandudno Jet Set 1 FC Barakuda 6

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus – the intellectuals never saw that coming.

This was ostensibly an international match between some Polish people and some Welsh people. FCB had the audacity to wear numbers and have 3 subs. Goal after goal after goal, dive after dive after dive, bent refereeing decision after bent refereeing decision after bent refereeing decision. A tell of woe for all concerned.

FCB will be ashamed when they remember their conduct during this match. They celebrated every goal as if they’d scored at the Gay Meadow. The third goal brought Polish piss-taking (quite intelligibledue the international tone of voice guide.). Then the coup-de-grace; their goalkeeper tries to score after the fifth goal, such disrespect!! Kowalski wondered what the Polish for Scally is and became so occupied by this quest he scored and O.G. Their number 7 shouted”YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!” down his ear just so he’d be sure.

Number 7!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh! Number 7. What a player!! Big, burly, skillful, a nice pass, theatrical dives with added sound effects. Kowalski became Schumacher; he didn’t moan that time, grrr!! If you can’t beat ’em scar ’em.

Still no matching shirts.




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