So much emotion

1 11 2008
Bangor City 4 Garden Village 0
Welsh Cup 3rd Round

Pity is for the weak, the soft, the feminine. To show pity is to show a chink in your armour. To pity is to patronise. Despite all of the advice that clichés and philosophical insights offer us I began to feel pity today.

I began to feel it the second after the referee awarded yet another first half penalty against Garden Village. You could not help feel it. They had come all the way from Swansea with hopes and dreams of dignified resistance. Then after 30 minutes these quiet aspirations had been callouslly dissected and cast aside; they were 3-0 down and facing a third penalty. Limbo must have felt pity also; he missed the penalty, and the chance of a hatrick of penalties with it.

The first emotion I felt today was embarrassment; Bangor’s second goal was the result of a low corner from Limbo. The ball looked like it was going out but this perception wasn’t reality; the ball outfoxed the first defender (just outside the goal) and flew towards the man on the line (just inside the post) in slow motion. The ball hit him on the leg and then crossed the line. A stunned silence of several seconds was ended abruptly by laughter. I felt too embarrassed for them to take the Michael.

My pity evaporated when our visitors took to playing alehouse football. The dimwitted south Walians couldn’t even play roughly with any technique; they took four goes to kick Sion up into the air.

Unfortunately we only scored one more in the second half.

By the end of the match I started to feel like a cold was coming, if that’s any interest to you.




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