Conwy 6-a-side League Week 4

27 10 2008

Llandudno Jet Set 3 Tal-y-Bont 3

This week Kowalski put aside the petty differences from the first week and played for The Other Team that plays with them on a Tuesday (Weather and Attendance permitting) FC before the Jet Set’s allotted game. After dealing with the incredulity of the fellow Jet Setters he was ready. He put in a good shift. The only black spot was a slip that allowed the opponents to score.

The match was ready, the intellectuals were ready, ready for the youngsters on the opposing side (the coloured footwear betrayed their lack of experience). The Jet Set were ready to dominate!

Tal-Y-Bont tried to pass the ball, how brave of the little ones, you had to admire the spirit!! They tried a shot, well done!! The ball hit Den, aaah never mind. The ball rolled past Kowalski’s outstretched hand. Curse those youngsters, is there no respect for elders anymore? Ste levelled matters before half time and the Intellectuals looked like the could lead but choose not to shoot.

The second half began, the Jet Set had the wind at their backs. The intellectuals would also win because their experience would trump the youngsters’ enthusiasm. This outcome was on the cards until one of the youngsters hit a speculative shot straight at Kowalski. Kowalski bent over, ball touched hands, ball went through hands, ball crossed line. Oh dear, the intellectuals opponents were now relying on slower reactions and cold hands, how typical of today’s youth.

The Jet Set continued to press yet refuse to shoot. The youngsters took another speculative shot. Kowalski bent over again, ball touched hands, ball touched arse, ball crosses line again. They’d taken advantage of frozen hands again. Surely their should be some kind of enquiry into this gross lack of sportsmanship.

Kowalski was in turmoil, his steady hands now felt like useless lumps of meat. His mind was elsewhere, what does a failed goalkeeper do? Could he hold his head up in public? Were the hopes of lucrative endorsements for H Samuel out of the window?

Luckily Kowalki’s teammates felt more hopeful. Passing was attempted. The Jet Set had shots too!! After roughly 10 minutes of nothing in particular Den passed to Ste, Ste passed to Chris, Chris dribbled past shiny orange boots and knocked it wide to Greg, Greg beat Shiny red trainers and crossed the ball to Chris, Chris hit it wide to Dan, Dan went past Shiny Yellow boots and smashed it past the keeper. Game very much on but time was running out.

Kowalski sensed the time was right for payback to his teammates. He domineered the Jet Set half. He left the area to tackle, to pass, to shout. The tide was very much turning as a result of Kowalski’s actions. Greg passes to Kowalski, Kowalski passes it long straight to Dan. Dan bangs it at goal, save!!! So close!!! Greg shoots, another save!!! Time was running out!!!

Greg received ball with 2 minutes left. He beats shiny red trainers and runs closer to the goal. He lets fly and the ball’s in, it’s in, it’s in!!! 3-3!!! Never in the field of Council-run 6-a-side football has so much been owed to so little an action as a goalkeeper imposing his will upon proceedings by leaving the area.

The Jet Set were on the up now, the youngsters’ willpower had left them, Chris had a shooting chance, this was it! He drew his leg back, THIS WAS IT!!! He missed the ball. A draw is a draw in any language.

At the end of the day it wasn’t so much 2 points dropped as 2 points allowed to squirm over the line. Still no new shirts.




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