Conwy 6-a-side League Week 3

20 10 2008

Llandudno Jet Set 5 Real Ale Madrid 0

The Intellectuals now seem to be flowing like a smooth machine, the passing was smooth, the shots were smooth, the haircuts were smooth.

Now the playing area sits atop a plateau so when it’s windy, it’s windy. Tonight it was windy, so it was windy. The wind was at the back of the Jet Set. This may have explained the tentative passes over the perimeter fence.

The intellectuals had played their opponents in a pre-season friendly and they had proved stiff resistance, in the style of Tito’s Partisans, this promised to be a difficult encounter. The Jet Set’s first goal came about through slick passing and inept goalkeeping. This was repeated 3 more times during the first half. Instead of Partisans they now looked more akin to the League of Nations facing Italian aggression. Chris took pity on the beleaguered opponents when he missed an open goal from 3 yards.

The second half saw a stiffening of the Real Ale approach, they remembered their partisan roots. The big shouty bloke played his part; cajoling, encouraging, shouting, fouling. Greg made it 5-0. The big shouty bloke continued to leave his mark on his game, or more exactly his opponent’s knees. Was this a case of bitterness from Real Ale?

Quite frankly who cares, the intellectuals were a step closer to immortality. Still no new shirts.




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