Again, again, again, again………..

15 10 2008

Wales’ half-fit central defence was repelling everything. Wales’ half fit striker was on the verge of causing Germany potential discomfort. Germany had almost exclusive possession of the ball but we were holding out. Every minute gone was a minute closer to second place in the group, after 70 minutes of “heroic” defending all was going “well”, again.

Some German received possession and shaped to shoot one way, a Welsh player moved to block, the German player turned to his left and smashed the ball into the goal. Bloody hell, again, again, again.

Why do we bother to hope? I’m going to listen to the nagging little voice in my head for now on;  “This is all very well but when are they going to score?” Embrace pessimism, it’s the way forward!

At least we’ll never be disappointed again.




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