Wales F……

14 10 2008

With City flooded out the only possible destination was the pub. Wales u21s were going to be knocked out by England’s counterparts so I just had to be there to see it.

The match, predictably, went in England’s favour at first; Huddlestone’s free kick opened the scoring. A free kick won by a player making the most of a challenge incidentally. It struck me that football should reclassified from a contact sport to an engineering-the-perception-of-a-contact sport. So we were out, it was only a matter of how many England would score.

Ramsey picked up the ball and smashed it into the top corner. A few minutes later Ramsey ‘s disguised pass set up Church for a finish, we were winning. This was so much of a shock it interupted the conversation I was having with a bloke from Cardiff. 

Now we were going to score a third. We pressed but England still attacked, then disaster!!! England scored again. Actually Wales scored it for them, via Vokes’ elbow. Just when I was getting used to seeing Wales finally playing in an international tournament we weren’t going again. The second half promised something but didn’t quite deliver. We hit the post in the last few minutes but the ball didn’t bounce into the goal via the keeper’s arm (as it would have at Wales’ end).  

So there we have it, hopes brutally crushed again by professionalism, at least Ramsey looks like a top player already.




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