Wales win?

11 10 2008

Now that pub-based fans are the true fans I decided to forsake Cardiff to go where the proper fans go.

The four of us waited for the anthems to begin, there was no sound. Luckily the volume was up for the England match so we were able to hear Clive Tyldsley and David Pleat tell us about the “Kazakhstanis”.

Watching football without sound feels unnatural; there’s no crowd noise, there’s no commentators, there’s no horns. You just can’t follow the action. Luckily two young men came and sat behind me to provide a running commentary so I was not entirely lost. Wales had some “Good Shots”, David Edwards scored with a “Good Finish”, Bellamy took a “Crap” penalty. Wales’ defending was “Shocking” ’cause they weren’t even “Tight”, whatever that means. The defending was still “shocking”, the new “obviously” obviously, on the replay.

Some minutes later there was silence. I can’t tell you what happened in the rest of the game as I didn’t manage to understand any of it. I think Wales managed to add another point by getting the ball into the net-covered box thing. I don’t know whether it should have counted as the Welsh player (at least I think he was, he was wearing red) hit the ball with his head, then it bounced off a player in blue before it went into the box thingy.  

When we won the grand slam I could’ve sworn that we always scored more than two points in each game, the other teams in the world must be getting better.




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