The Jet Set guide to Travel

18 09 2008

In the present climate holidays may appear to be a frivolous waste of money. However,  if the lure of foreign climes proves irresistible (for example you may be a football fan, an art lover or a fugitive) you can still satisfy the urge. All you need is preparation, flexibility and a resistance to insomnia. If youre willing to undertake these steps you can proudly claim to be a Budgeter. When you take this path youll soon find that being a budgeter is not simply a way of saving money, its an outlook.


Method of Travel


The modern traveller has so many travel options that it becomes difficult to choose. Youve got trains, ferries, coaches and planes. Luckily there are drawbacks to help you out. Trains involve exorbitant ticket prices. Ferries involve rough seas. As for coaches, youll spend 36 hours watching the same video 4 times.


The plane becomes the preferred option because its cheap (apart from the extras.) and convenient (apart from landing in the next time zone to your destination; budgeters never use proper airlines.). Budgeters will never consider this to be a hurdle because the journey from the airport provides that all-important first taste of a different culture. The seasoned budgeter looks forward to the pleasant disorientation brought on by the funny looking houses, the strange billboards and listening to a surly bus driver being surly in a different language. If you like variety this option is potentially interesting, you may end up going out on one airline and  coming back on a different one.


Top Tip


Timing is vital. Waste 10 minutes and that 99p flight you saw could cost £119.




Budgeters usually opt for the Youth Hostel. The reason is simple; you meet many, many interesting people – unshaven Germans, multi-lingual Danes, blue-haired Americans.


Everyone knows that English is the international language so communication is not a problem, all you need to do is speak calmly and slowly and they will understand. Once youve established where Wales is, the conversation simply flows. The food is also continental cuisine at its finest; A bread roll and Jam.


Top Tip


Avoid the American who thinks hes Bill Bryson. By the third time youve heard, When I was in……”  youll lose the will for polite conversation. When you see them 2 days later, they will have snared another victim; Oh youve never been to Prague. You must go, its fantastic!!! Of course, it was better when I was there in89


Playing the Tourist 


Europeans dont seem too bothered about paying for public transport so you can save loads. If youre challenged just speak calmly and slowly and they will understand. When youre in the Police Station all you need to do is speak calmly and slowly and the Desk Sergeant will understand. 


Top Tip


Walking around is a good activity for two reasons; 1. Its usually free. 2. You see world famous sites whilst  keeping fit.






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