Bloody Number 8

13 09 2008
Bangor City 0 Aberystwyth Town 0
Welsh Premier League

There can be few more irritating sights in football than an away team celebrating a point as if they’ve won the bloody league. Just imagine Aber, if you’d have scored you could have had a banquet in the town hall.

Note for Aber’s number 8;

If you can’t take erudite criticism then don’t play like a complete arsehole.

The chip on your shoulder may have prevented you from growing to adult size but that’s no excuse for producing such an ostentatious display of “short man syndrome”, why the anger maaaan? It is possible to be quiet and dignified and still be an effective association footballer, just look at Ashley Cole. The dignified approach works in life too!! Gandhi freed an entire sub-continent from colonial oppression using it. I’m only thinking of you at the end of the day.




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