A torrent

23 08 2008

Porthmadog 0 Bangor City 6
Welsh Premier League

Jiws had decided to join Port a few days before this so the writing appeared to be very much on the wall, obviously like I said; we were going to lose via a Jiws hattrick. I decided to go via the scenic route today and the plan almost backfired as bloody tourists eroute to Port blocked my passage. I arrived just after kick off, Jiws hadn’t scored yet.

Port were the better team in the first few minutes and it looked like it’s only be a matter of time before everyone’s prediction would come true. Then the ball was played through to Sharpy, he caught it up and stylishly yet delicately, flicked it over the keeper. 1-0! Shortly after it was 2-0, then 3-0, all Sharpy’s skill.

This felt more comfortable and it quietened the Rhyl Fans at the other end. They tried a more incognito approach this year. They’d stolen a banner from the San Siro, taken off the lettering and written the legend, CPD PORTHMADOG on it. What an effort, and fair play to them. Unfortunately these hoodlums decided to invade the pitch at half-time, a fine is likely to be heading their way. Bloody Rhyl fans eh, you can’t take ’em anywhere!!

Water and goals rained down in the second half; it was 6-0 by the end, one may have been an own goal. Porthmadog’s goal to be number 1 in Gwynedd has taken a bit of a knock.




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