I hate ’em

20 08 2008

Wales 0 Romania 1
European U21 Championship

Thanks to the FAW’s organisational brilliance a full international was scheduled to start directly after this match in Swansea. A choice had to be made and the fact that the match was being played in that particular location made me think twice about going anyway. I’m never comfortable in that bowl. It’s the locals you see, they seem to prefer the egg and like the Union Flag.

This wasn’t the first occasion for a double booking either, unfortunately the days when you could watch both teams seem long gone. As the U21s match was competitive and the Georgia match was friendly I expected to see a few regulars and I did sort of; a brief glance of Rhys just as he was leaving the Turf and Dilwyn’s Portsmouth flag.

The match was quite interesting, Wales did most of the attacking but couldn’t score. Ched Evans challenged the keeper at one point. The keeper didn’t like this so he squared up to City’s player. Ched took to the ground holding his face, it was embarrassing. The rest of the first half was frustrating. The second half was even more frustrating. Wales couldn’t score despite all of the possession. Romania scored about 10 minutes from the end and then started diving. Their number 6 must be a devout person; his reenactment of Lazarus was spot on. He then had the gall to obstruct forcefully and throw himself in tackles. 14 years later and they are just as irritating.




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