Them again

16 08 2008

Bangor City 0 Llanelli 2
Welsh Premier League

Much water had gone under the bridge since the cup final (European football, internet worriers, ahem, warriers throwing their weight around, etc etc) but events near the end of the match would come back to haunt us, like water in the rain cycle. It was inevitable, even though we may have forgotten. When Damocles’ sword finally swiped down, it did so expensively; a £5000 fine. An bumper crowd had been encouraged to come by the SA to help raise the extra money.

A bumper crowd, of nearly 1000, did turn up today as well. The new shirts had turned up this week, we had two styles; One costs £32 the other, rather startlingly, costs £60. The shop occupied a lot of time today, what with decorating, serving and writing things down. A samba band played and although they were Brazil-tastic, they made concentration difficult.

From the crowd noises I could tell that Bangor were doing well in the early part of the match. When I could see it for myself Bangor were indeed playing well. Sharpy lived up to his name. Although we didn’t get too many shots on targets the skill and the moves were there.
Unfortunately Llanelli had the temerity to score just as we were having a conversation, we were all laughing just as they scored. The laughter stopped dead and swearing was heard. Andy Legg came in for some comments, due to his behaviour in the cup final. People shouted a lot of sophisticated putdowns and critiques but the biggest cheer was gained by the person shouting one four letter; “CUNT!!!”, timing is everything. Legg only reacted to the person that shouted “YOU JACK BASTARD!!”, they’d obviously touched a nerve. Llanelli scored again whilst I was in the shop. The time of the goal was suspicious; 3:19 according to my phone. 0-2 half time.

I missed the first 15 minutes of the second half and Bangor again looked good but were still unable to take their chances; shots flashed wide, flashed over and were blocked. Corner after corner came. New signing Talbot came on and slipped over. Then we had a penalty! Limbo looked confident and struck it it with power, the post reverberated and Limbo held his head. It wasn’t our day. 0-2 Final score.



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