You know you’re getting old when……

23 04 2008

North Wales Coast FA 1 Central Wales FA 3
UEFA Regions Cup Qualifier

…managers are young enough to have been 3 years below you in Primary School and North Wales’ assistant manager is at just such an age. Ye Gods, one minute you’re going with the flow along life’s river and then someone you know says hello and suddenly, you feel the passing of time keenly. As Sartre once remarked; hell is other people.
Before tonight North Wales’ team stood on the threshold of a trip to Israel. Unfortunately Central Wales spoilt the party in the rudest manner possible; the skillful no.11 mocked the hosts in the second half with every touch. Every time he received possession danger wasn’t too far behind, and so two almost identical goals arrived; two runs on to through balls, two jinks past defenders, two clear runs.
Setting aside the no.11 factor Central Wales could have been at least that far in front after the first half so the result was a fair one. Only the reactions of the rotund, yet agile, keeper stopped the ball entering the goal more often.
North Wales opted for a League select team Central Wales decided that their Cup winners should be their representative. This decision was vindicated as Tregaron’s greater cohesion was obvious to see and the four and half hour journey obviously didn’t bother them.
The journey didn’t seem to bother their fans either. Most appeared to have consumed cold beverages; the goals were celebrated as if they were scored in a European Cup Semi-Final. Towards the end of the match I noticed that North Wales seemed to be wearing Wales’ old socks, in hindsight maybe this should have been considered a portent of hopes being dashed.




One response

12 05 2008


Glad to see things are still ticking over nicely here. I check in regularly and it’s a great read.

Thanks for linking to Hobo Tread in your sidebar, but could I inform you the site has changed name. It is now Dub Steps and at . If you could update your links I would of course be very grateful.

Have a good summer


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