The League’s over

21 04 2008

Bangor City 1 Neath Athletic 1
Welsh Premier League

This weekend was annoying in the extreme. First of all some scally twat had taken it upon himself to burgle half of our shop’s stock. After forensic evaluation it would appear that the job had been pulled off by a crack team.
The valueless programmes and t-shirts were left untouched. This may have been due to the prominence of words upon them, these symbols may have confused the crack team. They simply went straight for the treasure; Replica Shirts, Hooded Tops and Scarves.
It’s thought that the goods taken may fetch as much as £100 on the open market. To put it another way, that could be 3 new pairs of tracksuit bottoms OR a new pair of K-Swiss, some tracksuit bottoms and some new white socks to tuck them into OR if they’re feeling really flash, 5/6 of a Lacoste tracksuit.
There’ll be 10 Scallies at the Welsh Cup Final wearing their brand new scarves with pride and getting all angry if Bangor aren’t 10 nil up after 5 minutes. They’ll be the biggest Bangor City fans in the world for the day. Come Monday they’ll be back to setting each other on fire for You Tube.
And then there was Neath. They should consider changing their kit to all-black and begin playing at the Gnoll as they seem to play as if the split between rugger and soccer never happened. At first though their approach didn’t work; Sarge scored and we led for the last twenty minutes of the half.

The second half , however, saw a master class in the art of fouling. Fouls, bodychecks and trips all made an appearence. Any punishment or similar approach from Bangor was met by outstretched arms and rightous indignation, as is the want of teams of this ilk. As Dewi said, they’re like Rhyl without the subtlety. Of course they scored an equaliser.

If this match had been our last one this season I’d have felt enormously frustrated. thanks to our Cup Final place I only felt subdued. Our trip to Newtown can’t come quickly enough.




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