The first, and possibly last, visit

11 04 2008

Llangefni Town 0 Bangor City 1
Welsh Premier League

This was my first match off the mainland of Wales but it was no journey into the unknown; we were going to the charming village of Llangefni. Llangefni is conveniently located next to the A55 and is a place full of charming, cherry-cheeked youngsters hollering a welcome.

As Dick, Anora and I waited to enter Bob Parry Field we could here them welcoming us; “We hate Bangor, we hate Bangor, we hate Bangor!!!” We were they so quick to judge? This was only first season in The Welsh Premier League. Maybe Rhyl fans were here as well? I scanned the terraces but found no Rhyl flags. Were the sneaky buggers incognito?

The pitch doubled as a bog so the prospects of free-flowing football were slim but Bangor did try a constructive approach and it worked where there was a sure footing. Unfortunately most of the time Bambi on ice was an image that came to mind. Llangefni had a few chances. Bangor kept trying walk the ball into the goal but the conditions made this virtually impossible; Stotty slipped 2 or 3 times at inopportune moments. 0-0 half time.
The cold bit this evening. A delicate agricultural smell enhanced today’s sensory experience on our journey to the other end. I said hello to Gary and I went to take my place behind the goal. Llangefni must have the most useless roof in football; the edge is about 5 yards short of the fence. This wonderful design quirk meant we felt the full effect of the sleet on our heads. The match seemed destined for a frustrating draw until Peter Hoy Football Genius diverted a cross in.
A few minutes later the Bangor haters appeared behind us and they were quite literally bouncing. After a while their monotone caterwauling irritated greatly. Unfortunately this moment of realisation arrived20 minutes from the end. The match petered out until the final whistle. As the jubilant young blues turned to leave the Llangefni Ultras became Cofi like; they started to circle the younger blues. We made it out of the ground before Armageddon arrived.
It would be a shame if Llangefni were relegated; their ground’s better than Caersws‘ and Welshpool’s, they try to play football and they’re not Porthmadog.




2 responses

27 05 2008
The Jet Set

I must admit I lied in the post. I did see a load of Rhyl fans in the clubhouse after the game.

They were having a fans conference with representatives from Llangefni, Llanelli, Aber, “Madog” and Caernarfon(you forgot ’em, ooops) to decide who hates Bangor the most.

26 05 2008

no i dout any rhyl fans were at that game you sad fool dont you get it no one likes bangor, ive travveled with rhyl and its funny how llaneli,llangefni,aberwystwyth and madog sing that song !!!!!!!

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