Bangor F……….

29 03 2008

Bangor City Reserves P Y Felinheli P
Some Cup or Other

Newport YMCA P Bangor City P
Welsh Cup Semi-Final
(Played at Newtown)

I failed to see Friday’s match being called off as an omen. There had been rumours all Friday about the possibilty of the unceasing rain meaning the match would be called off but I forgot about these on Saturday morning; It was sunny when I awoke. It was still sunny when we left in the coach. The rumours re-entered my mind when I could see the grey clouds on the horizon, I jokingly said to Alwyn, “The match will be on, won’t it?” I mean how could it be called off now, we were on our way.

It was raining in Newtown but this didn’t phase us, it was always raining in mid Wales. The other minibuses arrived and so did the village people. It was going to be on but I didn’t like the idea of getting very wet. I won £20 on the football card.
We’d been there for about 45 minutes when we heard about a pitch inspection. Half an hour later people were wearing forlorn expessions. After another Five minutes the worries were confirmed, the game had been called off. Bugger.
Everyone went to Newtown’s clubhouse. The YMCA players were still there with their funny haircuts, drinking their sorrows away. Maybe it was a good job that we didn’t play today; they looked a bit mean and moody and it was sliding weather. We left at 3:30.



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