North Wales Cup Action

19 03 2008

Llandudno 7 Bethesda Athletic 1
North Wales Coast FA Cup

All went swimmingly for the ‘dudno, they were 4-0 up after about 20 minutes. It was almost too enjoyable for the Llandudno faithful, some were afflicted by disbelief. Llandudno’s no. 9 drew my attention quite a bit in the first half. He was a stocky young man of Llanrwst farming stock, or in other words, a person not to be trifled with. Indeed, defenders were brushed aside with disdain.
A contest threatened to break out in the second half when Bethesda scored. For about the 5 minutes after the goal they looked relatively dangerous until the crossing stage. The crosses were either too weak, too strong, too mishit or too non-existant. The moment passed and so Llandudno scored their fifth. The sixth came just I’d begun a conversation.
The converstaion hung in mid-expression so we could marvel at Llandudno’s histrionics. You’d think that leading by 6 goals to 1 was enough reason to be happy but it’s not enough for the ‘dudno boys. The showboating commenced. Duncan Norvelle was evidently on the field of play so the team followed in his wake guffawing and pratfalling.

It was further reinforcement for my opinion of their character, why did they feel the need to rub Bethesda’s faces in the mess of their defeat? Is honour now a redundant concept in football? Yes must be the answer, Llandudno had the gall to score a seventh.




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