Nomads score!!!!!

15 03 2008

Bangor City 3 Connah’s Quay Nomads 2
Welsh Premier League

Another game, another soaking. The game was uninspiring until we scored. Sion curled the ball around the keeper whilst halfway inside the area. The keeper had deprived us of a goal several times prior to Sion’s intervention so the reason why, the now curly, Bungle decided to have a go at him was difficult to fathom.

The second half started in a very welcome way, Stotty scored our second. What happened in the 20 minutes after was not so welcome. The Nomads contrived to score not once but twice!!!! Now this might not sound a little strange usually, a team scoring two goals, fancy that!!!, but it’s Connah’s Quay (2007-2008 version) that we’re talking about here. The aggregate score between us and them in the 3 games this season was 14-0 in our favour. That they had a shot on target was annoying, the fact that they actually scored two goals was mind blowing.

The rain was unrelenting. My mum would never bought me a white kit when I was younger. I can finally fully appreciate this thinking after today. The Nomads were a very dirty team, the laundry team would have a devil of a time making those shirts sparkling white again. As soon as their subs came on they seemed to desire a brown shirt. Were the Nomads being coached by my old Primary school manager? “The true sign of effort boys, is dirty knees” was his adage.

Noony scored our third after a run from near halfway. He checked for an offside flag for an apparent eternity before continuing his run. Upon reaching the area Noony slotted the ball past the advancing keeper. Noony was right to check the officials before expending any more energy. Our ref today was another off the production line, where do they find them all? The destruction of this shadowy facility could be a job for the A-Team.

There seems to be a never-ending stream of officials whose interpretation of the rules of football (only 12 of ’em remember) can be charitably described as variable. Here is the case for the prosecution, the evidence is drawn from the matches of Bangor City during the past month, m’lud; some fouls gain yellow cards yet worse fouls remain unpunished, linesmen can be afraid to give decisions, Lee Hunt continues to play unpunished, free kicks are mysteriously awarded when advantage could be played, referees refuse to stop the game as players lay on the ground, injured, players are ordered to leave the field of play and then only allowed to return after their team has defended a corner, etc etc, etc. I could go on but I’m not a bitter soul, we won so technically this could not have been a bitter rant anyway.




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