Any Port in a storm

8 03 2008

Porthmadog 0 Bangor City 0
Welsh Premier League

The rain lashed in and we got wet. This meterological nugget was the most notable feature of the first half, at least I had my new coat to keep me water and windproofed. The second half was different though; we had cover. Port hit a post in the first half and we hit the same post in the second. Port resorted to time wasting from about 20 minutes onwards. Some Rhyl fans came and brought flags, will their bitterness ever cease? One could wonder if they hate Bangor more than they support Rhyl. We left in a frustrated mood.




One response

19 03 2008

Hello, great blog, I noticed you had Underworld listed as one of your music favorites which leads me to believe that you like electronica which also leads me to think we have similar musical tastes. If you do, please read my latest post (in fact, read the last few to understand what my blog is about). I’m trying to get this music thing going grassroots style.

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