An extremely pleasant interlude on the road to glory

1 03 2008
Guilsfield 0 Bangor City 6
Welsh Cup

We were half way along the A55 when the dark thoughts returned. The hopes of our season hung by the metaphorical thread again. To put it another way the magic of the cup sparkled once more. As it was Welsh Cup we were off to mid Wales again. The dark thoughts pulled me back from rejoicing with good company. It felt like a dog owner yanking the lead. They began to dominate my mind.

I couldn’t escape them when we’d made it to the pub in Guilsfield, couldn’t escape them escape as I ate my lovely food, couldn’t escape them as I drank the lovely drinks, couldn’t escape them as we tried to write new songs for today, couldn’t escape them as we got into the ground for nothing, couldn’t escape them as I felt guilty and went to pay the £3, couldn’t escape them as we scored our first goal or our second.

The dark thoughts finally ended after we’d scored our third, fourth and fifth goals. Now we could relax in the second half; we could chat to the keeper, chat to the stewards, share a joke or too, look forward to the semi final, enjoy half a pork pie. All it took to achieve this new found joyfulness was a 6-0 lead, it was that simple. The second half frivolity became a tad boring to be honest and we all craved a little drama. Unfortunately it remained 6-0 for 40 minutes.

The Guilsfield social club cum villiage hall cum school gym was the post match venue. It was very welcoming, Guilfield’s top scorer congratulated us on our progress. They provided hot pork rolls and the beer was cheap. I’d say it was “Quality!!!” if I were a bloody bloke.
Then we had the suspense of the draw. First, John Deakin carrying the wooden box containing the balls. Then, the official FAW table cloth was draped over the official FAW draw table. Then finally, the cup appeared so we all touched it. Malcolm Allen drew one team, someone else drew the other. Rhyl first, then Llanelli, then us then Newport YMCA; one word; QUALITY!! A QUALITY DAY!!




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