This is the Jet Set reporting

12 02 2008
Two weeks ago Bangor fans were sure they’d get to the final. They’d seen their team do the hard part; Their team had gained a positive result from the home of their fierce rivals Rhyl. Consequently they only needed a 0-0 result tonight and they would be in the final. However feelings of unease begin to appear amongst the Bangor fans. What was meant to be just a sporting occasion had developed far more sinister overtones.
Rumours had been circulating on the internet and via word of mouth about a bloodbath on the terraces. At first these could have attributed to some youthful exuberance on the part of Rhyl’s teenage fans but then corroborating reports had surfaced in Bangor. The club shop in Bangor city considered selling protective clothing for this match. It seems that hooliganism was about to rear its ugly head in the footballing backwater known as the Welsh “Premier” League.
The police had advised early attendance at Farrar Road as they would be searching for bottles, knives, flares and sub machine guns. Luckily these safety measures worked; only one  “One Rhyl fan was turned away, for possession of an Uzi. The crowd filed in without incident.
At 7:25 the teams entered the field of play. The crowd was a bumper one, it was almost a 1000. Subsequent reports from Rhyl estimated that the Rhyl fans numbered 880. Kendall, the villain of two weeks ago, in the eyes of some, was there. He seemed rather subdued this time. Rhyl took the lead after 3 minutes through Bangor mistakes. After this Bangor took the game to Rhyl and only misfiring shots, luck and Kendall’s saves kept Rhyl in the lead. The first half was effectively 50-50. Bangor’s fans hope weren’t dead just yet.


It only took about ten minutes for these hopes to die, Rhyl scored their second via Bangor mistakes again. After this point Rhyl took the beautiful game and strangled it until the body was limp. Their approach simply knocked the stuffing out of Bangor. Having said that Bangor didn’t look to be at their fluent best. Mind you with the threat of major bloodshed here tonight it was a wonder that their minds were on a matter so innocent as a football match. It’s surely a tribute to the boys in blue that the game passed off without incident.
This has been the Llandudno Jet Set in Bangor, North Wales reporting for News at Ten.



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