Frigging Mid Wales again

9 02 2008

Caersws 1 Bangor City 0

Welsh Premier League

Another trip to mid Wales, another minibus trip. This minibus trip was different though, a player rode with us. Ben was a total pro; he even refused a pre-match beer. We went a different way today and it was nice for my pioneering sense. The sun made my journey unpleasant in one way and my freshly twisted knee also made my journey uncomfortable too. We got to caersws an I felt like a crumpled heap.
We had 2 hours to kill. The pub was friendly so this didn’t matter. Mullet man was there again but he left soon after we arrived, the wit and repartee of three months ago obviously lay heavily upon his memory. The day was a lot nicer than expected so mid Wales was bathed in sunshine and this made a change from the ususal drizzle. I ate my lunch and all was well with the world. After a couple more beers we left for the ground.
Bruce and I chatted on our way to the ground, I was positive. We stood outside the tea bar, I was positive. We met more confident blues, we were all positive. The players came out, we were positive. The game began, we were positive bordering on confident. The match went down its path, we were confident. The loss of Sarge and Johnno was evident, we were positive. Swanick went off injured, we were positive. The ref looked like Art Garfunkel, we laughed. The ref refereed like Art Garfunkel, we were angry. Bangor created chances, we were positive. Caersws scored, we were annoyed. The half time score was 1-0, we were hopeful.
Second Half. We created chances, we were hopeful. We exerted a bit of pressure, we were positive. The ref refereed like Art Garfunkel with myopia, we were angry. Les won the ball but the Art awarded a foul, we were apoplectic. Bangor kept shooting wide, we were forlorn. We created chances near the end of the game, we were hopeful. The game ended, we were dissapointed.
Another game, another shit ref, although we didn’t play as well as we could. The bus left at 5:15, we were on our way home. We arrived back in Bangor, we drank. 9:15, I went home. Luckily we’d be going back to mid Wales in three weeks.



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