Out of one

5 02 2008

Bangor City 0 Llandudno Town 3
North Wales Coast Challenge Cup 4th Rd.

Baring the title of this weblog in mind one may conclude that a conflict of interest could occur here. My home town club versus the one I choose to support. It’s a clear cut matter for me, it’s City all the way. Llandudno F.C. doesn’t hold much affection for me to be honest.

Once, whilst partaking refreshments with the other members of the Jet Set, I became aware that we were in the presence of some of Llandudno’s footballing first team. At first I gazed in awe at these gods in human form. After 30 seconds of dropped jaw amazement I saw my assessment confirmed by their posture and general countenance. Their faces radiated disdain, their actions enunciated celebrity, their words loudly proclaimed them superior. They were not mere mortals, they were the Llandudno first team, all hail!!!!!!

My first impression was confirmed whilst I happened to be playing football on the next pitch to Llandudno FC a few weeks ago. They were training, we were playing, none of them uttered a please or thank you when the ball entered our field of play, but then again why should they? The Llandudno first team ask mortals for the ball politely, pah, don’t be obtuse. The only player who seemed to show any form of manners was Sean Eardley, the only player to taste professional football, the only one to represent Wales, How ironic.

I was late. I went to to the usual first half end and found a familiar face, after chatting for a couple of minutes I noticed but something odd. We didn’t wear black and white stripes. The presence of a few fans at the St.Pauls’ end confused me, I thought that Llandudno would bring a few fans for their big day out so I thought nothing of their presence. Then it slowly dawned, we were attacking the other end. I turned around to check the Farrar End, the only person I actually recognised was the one I was chatting to. Dewi soon appeared next to us.
After brief consideration, the threat of rain proving a large consideration, we decided to stay put. It was lucky that we did; we saw some very good goals at our end. The first one was a nice passing move, the second an acrobatic overhead volley. Bangor were 2-0 down. Well I say Bangor but it was City in name only. Bangor City reserves would have been a more valid title. 2-0 half time.

After half time I had more enjoyment from conversations than the match. We hardly looked capable of scoring never mind winning. The rain persisted and the goal mouth began to appear boggy. Llandudno scored another whilst I was chatting to Luke, a Llandudno fan. The Llandudno fans appeared very excited but didn’t want to buy a t-shirt, or any other Bangor merchandise for that matter. Luckily the rain stopped before the end of the match so I had a dry walk to the bus stop. We were out but it didn’t really matter.



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