The Tension Returns

26 01 2008
Bangor City 1 Aberystwyth Town 0
Welsh Premier League
When you’re on life’s wonderful journey you can spend weeks sailing along pleasantly. Everything goes your way, life’s worries pale into insignificance. In the end you get used to life like this; everything’s easy, nothing can go wrong, it will last forever. Football can imitate life.
Indeed, as has been previously noted by Swiss Toni, Watching football matches is very much like making love to a beautiful woman. You make the preliminary moves (Pre-season training), then you get the gratification of seeing them work (winning), you enjoy each others’ company(celebrating), everything’s going well (a winning run), then you lie in the wet patch (Aberystwyth). It jolts you out of your joyous mood.
Up until 3:15 today we’d come to each game with supreme confidence, we’d win easily – XXX XXX XXXXXX, no probs; Rhyl, bring ’em on; Llanelli, easy, easy, easy. We’d cracked it. For about 15 minutes today this seemed to be today’s course too; Sarge scored after about 10 minutes and there were a few more dangerous attacks. Soon enough however though these feelings evaporated. Aber didn’t lay down like a knackered construction worker. They even attacked with a bit of skill and the ball was up near our goal as much as theirs. Luckily it was still 1-0 at half time.

The second half was more of the same. Today could even have been described as a lucky escape because Smithy made several really good saves. Our nerves weren’t helped by the fact that we could have scored more but didn’t. Despite the fact we were winning my worries seemed to obscure this fact and I began to panic. I’d returned to our default setting of the 2 previous seasons. As soon as I realised we were actually winning I did relax a touch, although this cycle of emotion did repeat itself.
Karl Noon came on, he looked quite impressive; a turn of speed, a few tricks and a nice cross. Smithy made a fantastic save in the last few minutes. In the end it was relief just to hear the final whistle.



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