Love is all around

5 01 2008

Bangor City 5 Airbus UK Broughton 0
Welsh Premier League

Airbus are rapidly acquiring the tag of a bogey team to us. Would they upset our run? It would be just like them to do so. It was all go in the shop today, a list for the coach to Aber started, lists of raffle winners to check, new stock to sell, etc etc. With ever-increasing alienation of fans from football, non-league or lower level football gains a romantic glow. However standing in a small room with a lingering dampness is not quite as romantic as you’d believe, it is even less romantic when it’s crowded.
On the other hand; “He gazed into the middle distance. He was standing in the club shop doorway looking resplendent in a vintage Fila tracksuit top. Love was the furthest thing from his mind. The only thing occupying his mind was the club catalogue, “Which shade of blue should I use for the sub heading.”

As he stood there his virile masculinity was evident for all to see. The finely chiselled features; the brownest of eyes, eyes that would melt even the coolest of ice queens; the finely honed physique, a sculpted chest that the tight fitting tracksuit jacket could barely conceal. In short he was a vision of God like beauty.

Unfortunately he was a vision of God like beauty that was single. He had known love once before, felt his heart swell with emotion when he thought of her, but that was two years ago. Two years, was it that long ago? In that time he’d attempted to fill the void by volunteering to run the club shop, he found that it did the trick for a while but then he began to feel a longing again, he was ready to love again!!!!!
Then she appeared. A goddess to match his divine attributes; porcelain like beauty; hair of spun gold, curves accentuated by her blouse, jeans and newly acquired club scarf. His eyes sparkled as he gazed. Then fate intervened and their eyes met across a programme laden tressle table. Desire set their hearts aflame.

He took a step back from the doorway and she strode forward, before she could say, “I bought this last week and it feels a bit tight, can I have the next size up please” their bodies sprang together. The centrepetal force of their mutual attraction threw them together and not even the cries of “Man On” and “Launch it fuck sake” could prise them apart. The catalogue flew out of his mind.

The clinch ended and they strode out on to the terrace. The gladiators were in the arena of battle. Airbus UK’s Kit was green, green like her eyes. Bangor’s kit was the usual blue but his outlook was another colour today. In his soul it felt like there was a multi-coloured sunrise now. The new found happiness he felt in the arms of a woman was amplified by the performance of the men in blue. The cut and thrust of their football was stimulating. 3 goals first half goals were scored, it was the epitome of sexy football. He gazed at his new love, her eyes sparkled, sparkled like Les Davies, Sion Edwards and Ashley Stott. 3-0 half time.
The first half performance was matched in the second half. The two new companions began to feel like they’d known each other for years, she felt there was something in his embrace, he felt there was something in her smile. They felt a connection, like two strikers in perfect tandem, like Les Davies and Ashley Stott. Bangor scored two more goals through Les. She felt his pert cheeks through his back pocket, they were firm, just like Bangor’s resolve in defence. The blues were unbreached today, despite a couple of x-rated challenges. All in all it had been a beautiful two hours for him, he’d not only witnessed a fine performance but he’d also learned to love again, his heart was mended. She too felt a great stirring when she gazed into his eyes. It was a match made in heaven.



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