It’s soooooooo Easy

26 12 2007
Bangor City 5 Caernarfon Town 1
Welsh Premier League

Christmas time has returned after a years’ absence, a whole 12 months!!! It was also 12 months ago to the very day that we stood in Caernarfon laughing at them. This year Farrar Road was the venue on this feast of Stephen and Caernarfon were before us again. There was much festive cheer today, hands were clasped, scarves were sold and ruddy-cheeked youngsters taunted the opposing defenders.

Another bumper return from the club shop was taken today. I was confident today, even though this is usually a tough fixture. The cofis were a bit low on goalies at the moment. They’d even had to resort to playing one of their strikers there during the last game. After I left the shop I had cause to doubt my confidence, there was a harbinger of doom, we were attacking the St.Paul’s end. As it turned out this fact didn’t matter today.

The worries drifted away when the maroon sea parted for Bangor three times in the first 9 minutes. The first one went in as I made my way around. Consequently I couldn’t tell who scored but it was a close ranger. Two further close range finishes were the other goals.

Caernarfon were using a proper keeper, not that you’d ever have noticed. His less than glorious performance may have been due to the fact he was wearing what seemed to be Sunderland shorts. In my experience if a player wear something belonging to another team (usually a higher placed, more glamorous one) they will have a lower than expected performance. It’s almost as if they have been punished for their delusions of grandeur, or if you’re feeling generous, their club’s being punished for their failure to organise simple things like co-ordinated kit. Either way someone suffers karmic punishment.

After this the match was over. The players must have felt this too as we missed several easy chances. Sion hit the bar from about 5 yards. Walshy and Sion missed other chances from a similar distance. I find easy matches a little frustrating when they are like this. 3 early goals mean the half is over. On the other hand it would have been alright if we’d have carried on the scoring; 7-0 at half time for example. Mainly I like a bit of drama. The goalie’s performance improved slightly as the half wore on; he managed to keep the score down with a couple of good saves, his shorts coming to his rescue?

The second half was barely 10 minutes old and we were 5-0 up. Two main things occupied my attention after this point. Firstly, a shaky feeling. Secondly the sight of expanding man mountain Maxwell trying to scuttle off his festive indulgence. It was only Boxing Day, how would he cope with the turkey sandwiches?

There was still a bit of action to regard. Caio Iwan came on for his debut and he was willed to make a goalscoring impact. Bangor had another goal ruled out. The Cofis scored and infuriatingly Walshy was shown a yellow card for jumping at a bouncing ball. After the match it was back home to paracetamols and Ribena.




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