The run continues

18 11 2007

Bangor City 1 Carmarthen Town 1
Welsh Premier League

It felt a little strange today, it was a Bangor match on a Sunday. The move from Saturday was a result of Wales playing yesterday. There was a lack of business for me to deal with today, were people respecting the Sabbath? With nothing else to do I arranged the programme alphabetically. I have to give vent to my OCD somehow. The pressure has to be released otherwise I might end up breaking into someone’s house and tidy it 3 times before leaving.

This was a generally good match. In the first half it was end to end, as the laws of football reportage dictate that you describe a period of play in this manner. Bangor played really well in the opening stages but their goal attempts were inaccurate; Les set up Walshy but his hot was wide. Limbert also missed with a good chance in the middle of the six yard area. Walshy later attempted a long range drive but that was also wide.

Stotty eventually put City ahead after half an hour. He ran through the defence and passed the ball into the net. Just as we were all basking in the now familiar feeling of anticipated victory Carmarthen equalised, Bangor were feeling generous today so they created the chance for their opponents; Beattie and Smith appeared to be on different wavelengths momentarily and the old golds took advantage of the situation. In general Bangor must have felt unlucky being level at half time.

The second half was more even as both teams created chances. There was nearly a repeat of Carmarthen’s goal when Hoy and Smith became mixed up, this time it was cleared near the line, fortunately. Bangor won a few corners and these set pieces not only gave us a reasonable chance to score but they also gave us the chance to see Sasha Walters close up. Quite how he’s not working as a supermodel is difficult to fathom.*

More chances were created, Bangor were just missing that final touch. The Old Golds looked dangerous on the break. Then we had another moment of infamy involving an opposition goalkeeper. Peter Hoy was attempting to put the goalkeeper off by remaining close, Thomas attempted to trip Peter. Peter responded by attempting to charge down the kick. The goalkeeper hit the deck and lay down holding his shin, the only problem with that movement; Peter hadn’t touched the keeper. The Linesman had seen Thomas’s first offence but declined to make the ref aware.
The last few minutes were slightly nerve racking as Carmarthen pushed forward more and more. Luckily they didn’t score. Our unbeaten run continued, we hadn’t lost to Carmarthen for the first time in three seasons. So to take the long view things were definitely looking up
*Having laid that down in black and white I feel a little shamefaced. We can’t help our appearance, he’s just another victim of our image obsessed society, I apologise unreservedly



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