Who needs Cardiff

17 11 2007

Wales U21s 4 Bosnia-Herzegovina U21s 0
European U21 Championship Qualifier

Not being able to travel to Cardiff today I decided to make to go to Wrexham to watch the U21s. The kick off was at 6 so I could still watch the match against Ireland in a pub. The original plan was to watch it in Wrexham but that plan fell through so Chester was the destination. I found a pub about 20 minutes after the start. The match looked good, I had just sat down and Wales scored via a good header by Koumas. Ireland equalised through the charming Keane.

Unfortunately the pub was also frequented by a rather forthright group from Yorkshire. Their philosophical gems peppered the air; “I hope the yids do us a favour today“ “Eriksson didn‘t impress, what‘s he ever done in football?” “Of Course the French farmers get all the subsidies” Luckily half time arrived so I could beat a hasty retreat back to the station.

I didn’t see any more of the game; no pubs in Wrexham seem to have Sky. I did manage to find out that the final score was 2-2. When I finally found a Sky-enabled pub the Wales match had finished but the Scotland match was about to begin. The atmosphere seemed impressive inside Hampden. The start by Italy was impressive too; they scored after a minute. I decided to leave for the Racecourse even though the game looked exciting, Scotland were pressurising Italy.

The Racecourse was far from packed but there were still no programmes, only 55 had been issued. Forward planning seems to be a foreign concept to the FAW. The first half was good but the wind was chilling. Wales scored thanks to an error from the pink-shirted Bosnian keeper and they could have increased their lead. Bosnia didn’t look like they were going to reply as the Welsh defence was solid. It also made a refreshing change to see a Welsh team stroke the ball about.

The rain began to fall just before half time so it seemed the right time to move upstairs, I met Adam on the way. During the second half I learnt a couple of things; firstly my flag is good for keeping your legs warm and secondly Wales have a very good U21 team, we scored 3 more goals. The third goal looked particularly good; a run down the left wing capped by a nice pass and a composed finish. I can’t tell you any of the names of the scorers as the only players names I know are Mike Williams and Owain Fon Williams and neither of them scored. Today was definitely a pleasant change from the usual Welsh qualifying defeat



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