Can we play you every week?

9 11 2007

Connah’s Quay Nomads 0 Bangor City 7
Welsh Premier League

Another visit to Connah’s Quay but this time the paralleles with Newport were obvious from Tuesday, the Deeside stadium is not really a football ground either. Unlike in Newport though we had a rather good result. I met Dewi in Chester so we came in from the other direction. Maybe we should come from Chester more often.

They were selling flags by the turnstile today. As well as that there were at least three fans with flags present, the colour they provided took the edge of the metal railings and brick stand. It was Flag Fever in Connah’s Quay as mine came out too. This match could have proved difficult. The Nomads fans certainly hoped so, on the internet they’s stated that we wouldn’t be playing a weakened side this time.

Fortunately the predictions were as wide of the mark as the Daily Mail solutions to our society’s ills. Bangor scored their first goal after about 5 minutes and several more before the final whistle was heard. Webber scored it with a header. Bangor’s free-flowing football continued and we scored again about 15 minutes later. Les slalomed his way through the home defence and his shot’s progress was only partly checked by Forester so the ball still went in.

Limbo should have earned a penalty but the ref declined to award one, despite the fact the decision seemed to be as clear as an unmuddied lake. Sion added a third with a nice finish with about 10 minutes left in the half. Bangor and the Nomads began the match on equal points but the first half announced a gap between the two team, by the end the gap had developed into a canyon.

It wasn’t long into the second half before Bangor made it 4-0. A nice pass by Les found Sion and he finished with aplomb. Seargeant added a fifth with a free kick, if only he’d done that on Tuesday! Stotty scored the sixth and followed it with a little rhythmic movement by the touchline. Chris Williams fouled Stotty in the area and Sion converted the penalty to gain a hatrick. Unusually all of the subs were used but none of them scored.
To win a game this easily can be unfulfilling, they can seem a little too easy. There’s no honour in humiliation. On the other hand at least there was no nailbiting episodes tonight, the goal difference was obviously improved and more importantly it was another fantastic away performance, the third one in a week.

Another detail of note; after tonight we’d played Nomad 3 times so far this season, we’d scored 14 and conceded 0. If this happened every week it’d be boring, except if it was Rhyl of course.



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