A Satisfying conclusion

27 10 2007
Bangor City 2 Porthmadog 0
Welsh Premier League

It was a busy day in the shop today, all of the stock that had been ordered came in today. All in all I sold about £120 worth of stuff. The best customers seemed to be the relatives of players and kids. One boy kept coming back to buy things, the power of pester.

Robbo was back today so I feared about the curse of returning players. Luckily he didn’t have much of an impact today. Port created more chances in the first half but they were mainly long range efforts; one shot hit the post via Smith’s hand, another just cleared the crossbar as well as a couple more.

Bangor did create some dangerous opportunities for Port. Les ran through the defence in his own inimitable way, prone bodies were left in his wake before a foul ended the run. Walshy headed the cross wide. The lashing rain and strong wind had probably played their parts in stopping Bangor from playing cohesively. This may have also contributed in Porthamdaog creating more attacks. The final move saw a near miss by Limbo. Half time – 0-0
Thanks to the shop duties I missed the first 10 minutes of the second half. When I took my place amongst the ultras the match looked to be going Bangor’s way. Several corners were won. Bangor also had several long range efforts on goal. Beattie and Les having particularly good efforts. Stotty could have also been awarded a penalty but the ref ruled that he had simulated, even though it did look like a definite pen. Stotty only garnered a yellow card for his efforts. Robbo followed him ino the book. More corners were won but none were used effectively, it was going to be one of those days.

Then Mash started about 2 minutes from the end. “Fish and Chips, Fish and Chips” followed by “Who the fuck is sponsored by a Fish and Chip Shop?”. After a couple of minutes of this the Port no.8 bit. “You should ask the Chairman!!” with a look of contempt upon his visage. The No.8 had spoken too quickly, the corner came over, a group of players jumped the ball came off someone’s head. The Bangor players ran off celebrating, Webber ran towards us pumping his fists. It was release, it was great. There was a Port player on the ground crouching and holding his head, He arose from his anguish, it was the no.8, his name was Warren Beattie. A star was born. Stotty sprinted forward a minute later, he reached the ball before the keeper and gently encouraged it into the far corner. The game was ours. Football’s great when it’s like this.



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