Another League Cup Win

23 10 2007

Bangor City 4 Connah’s Quay Nomads 0
Loosemore’s League Cup

Connah’s Quay were here and Chris Williams, or Bungle as he’s also known as, came over to say hello. We had some new stock today so there were some interested visitors to the shop, including one of my old teachers. The new stock went like the proverbial hot cakes. The programme display was also taking shape so the shop looked slightly more presentable. All this activity meant that the game approached without being noticed.

It only took about 5 minutes for Les to open the scoring. He then repeated the trick about 15 minutes later. Repeated is the right word because the goals were almost identical; both shots were from relatively far out and both bounced over the keeper’s outstretched left hand. Forester wouldn‘t be challenging the usual no.1 on this evidence. Although this wasn’t a full strength Nomads side it was still a little too easy. The Nomads did manage to manufacture a few chances but as soon as Bangor got into their stride nobody doubted that there would be a positive outcome for the blues. The shaky Nomads defence remained porous throughout the half, Bangor seemed to go through the middle of it at will. A third goal went in but it was disallowed. 2-0 half time.

A couple of minutes into the second period and Stotty ended his run with a nicely placed shot past the keeper. A fourth goal arrived about 20 minutes later, Les completed his hatrick via a deflection. Les continues to look good.

The portly Kilgannon drew some less than flattering comments from Mash. His case was not helped by his disconsolete gait as he jogged around the pitch. His morose deportment was particularly evident as he trotted over to prevent short corners. On such occasions his whole demeanour spoke of irritaion far more eloquently than any of those middle aged moaners on BBC2 ever could.

This was a good win. To back up the positive vibes several of the team are making consistently good performances week after week. Let’s hope the blues continue down this road for the rest of the season. For a start our hopes of qualifying for the next round of this competition look good; other teams will need to win by at least 10 goals to stop us being one of the 2 best runners up. Stranger thing have happened though but the fat singer seems to be performing her vocal warm ups.




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