At a loose end

20 10 2007

With no live football available I had myriad leisure activities on offer. I settled upon watching the Merseyside derby in a pub followed by a walk around town. After a most satisfying conclusion to the televised football I ventured into the crowded streets. Somebody had assured me that Llandudno were at home so I set off in the direction of the ground.

I saw a well known follower of Llandudno’s fortunes wandering the town’s streets. I took this as an indication that my information was erroneous. I wandered a little longer and came across Gaz, his familiar voice calling out behind me. He was off to watch Arsenal in a pub showing a foreign TV channel. There was a time when Gaz would have accompanied me to watch local football but sadly those days are past. He prefers the televisual experience to the real-life version. I left him to it as I remembered that Chris was chasing the egg for Llandudno 2nds today.

After we exchanged greetings it was obvious Chris wasn’t playing. He was still performing a very valuable role. He was The Water Boy, as Americans are wont to label the position. When he eventually entered the fray I began to recall my rugger playing days in school. They weren‘t my favourite memories of school. OK to watch but not to play is my rugby maxim. Am I effeminate? Maybe I am by the overtly masculine standards of your average red-blooded rugby player but I just don’t see the attraction of running past people whilst they are trying to rip your head off.

Even so I thought about what it would be like to run down the wing, evading despairing tackles as you go, to score a brilliant try. The sight of a Llandudno forward running towards the line with the ball tucked under his arm sporting a look of murderous intent shook me out of these fantasies. The sound of “STEP ON THE GIRL” – The long-haired Harlech centre, everytime he gained possession certainly reinforced the idea that rugger is not the game for me. Chris left the pitch with his face intact and I left for the Links pub for some of the televisual experience.




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