We’re in the money, slightly

5 10 2007
Bangor City 3 Aberystwyth Town 0
Premier Cup

This match was a chance for revenge. This is maybe a little too melodramatic perhaps but the memories of that twattish Aber fan goading us all meant that I felt that it was correct emotion. For some reason the match kicked off at 7pm. Maybe this led to a slightly small crowd although United were on telly and the general vibes around the club might have put people off too.

Bangor started off well again. Sion looked good yet again, so good that their number 10 just took him out as he went past after about 20 minutes. As per usual recently there were missed chances; Stotty hit the bar from 6 yards out, Les had a shot saved. Just as I was beginning to think that this was a footballing Groundhog Day we scored. Sion banged it home via a deflection. Chances came and went for Bangor so the déjà vu feelings lingered.

The feelings continued into the Second half. The uneasiness was perpetuated by Aber’s diving. I thought this level was free of accoutrements of this nature. Unfortunately the pernicious head of simulation seems to peeping above the parapet. The really hard pill to swallow about this was the fact that one of the culprits was the assaulter of Sion, the no.10. A touch of La Savage about him? Fortunately our second goal arrived and the uneasiness subsided.

Stotty’s head connected with Sion’s cross and the ball flew past the keeper. Stotty seemed to be very happy, he ran towards us shouting “Come on!!!” It was nice to see that he cares. Then Horror!!! Stotty seemed to twist his ankle as he was running but luckily he was alright. Just as we were all getting used to being comfortably 2-0 up the ref decided to send off Walshy after his second booking. It looked like the ref had been the victim of another simulating player, he seemed to be fine a minute later.

Aber could now put us under pressure so the uneasy feeling returned. For the second time in a row they failed to use their one man advantage. Are their players incapable of think on their feet? Les scored our 3rd goal to usher in more warmness. It was a good finish into the top corner after he’d cut in from side of the area. 10 minutes later and we’d won. All was good. The pessimist in my wondered if we’d feel like this more often this season




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